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From Where We've Been to Now.

Hello and welcome to the new blog from us at Rondevu Pictures. Here you'll be able to find all of our latest happenings and behind the scenes.

We're passionate about film as a creative medium. With each project we hope to shed a little light on the uncertainties of what it means to be human. And with this blog we want to give a voice to the company.

To give you some insight on our company. Rondevu Pictures was founded by Jeffrey Mundinger in 2008. Jeff has always harnessed a passion for collaborative storytelling through film and video production. He begun filming in his early years with a RCA VHS Camcorder and has been growing with video technology ever since. What started with skate videos and shaky short films has now become a refined craft and profession.

Jeff enrolled into the University of Missouri - Kansas City in 2015 after his higher education hiatus and met many passionate and like minded filmmakers at his time in the Film and Media Arts Department. In 2016 Rondevu Pictures became a licensed business in the state of Missouri with his colleague Amy Van Drunen. Together they made some fun documentaries and promotional videos for different businesses and artist around the Kansas City area. Upon their graduation Amy transitioned into a position with Medair and has been documenting current events and the experiences of the those surviving out in the Middle East and around the world. You can check out her work and her story on her website.

Since, Jeff has been photographing various productions and events along with close colleague Cory Cullen. The two of them also met at UMKC and have grown together in their professional film careers.

Cory specializes in color correction and editing though is experienced in shooting and lighting. In his early years he grew up on the road as his parents worked on Broadway and various theatrical productions across the country. They told him he wasn't allowed to work in theater so he settled for the next best thing. Together Jeff and Cory aim to take Rondevu Pictures to its next level by creating fun and engaging content for marketing and entertainment. If you'd like to know more about Rondevu Pictures or work with us feel free to reach out via our Contact Page. Thanks for reading.

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