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It's been a little over a week since the Stay at Home mandate was set. I spend a lot more time glancing out my windows. I feel fortunate to have Highway 71 in my view, it makes it seem like their is still some normal out there. To have all this 'free' time I've been able to practice gratitude more. I'm thankful to live in a such a vibrant city exuding creatives from every corner. Witnessing the amount of entertainment my fellow creatives have provided for one another has been truly inspiring. Art Directors stuck at home shooting DIY home projects on their Instagram stories for others. Throwing digital birthday parties to gaffers who are immune compromised. A movie theater that has brought the coummunal experience of cinema to home. I'm proud to of been able to work and grow in the Kansas City video production industry.

Though things have settled for everyone in the film production industry, it's become a time to stop, reflect, and grow as artist. Taking this time to stop and appreciate what we have, where we've come from, and the present moment. Take this time to do the projects that were always pushed aside. Learn a new skill you've never had the time for. This is pandemic is a blessing and a curse. I hope everyone that has been affected by COVID-19 has been able to recover both in body and spirit. These times are unprecedented and may seem nerving to think of where this can take us. Just remember to act locally and think globally. Do your part with what you can and no matter what, don't live your life in fear.

During this time off set and away from Lights On Kansas City I've been working on more spec work, studying up on cinematography, and doing some pre production for future projects. The latest spec work I created was for Ginebra San Miguel, a filipino gin company. I was fortunate to of brought back a bottle with me when I visited the Philippines in 2017. You can check out the 7 second video on our Instagram, below is a still from the project:

Now we're looking for another spec ad to do. If you have any suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments or message it our way.

We've also been studying up thanks to They recently release 6 hours of a cinematography seminar taught by Shane Hurlbut, ASC. I'm about halfway through and it's been super informative! If you're looking for some ways to heighten your production knowledge while off set I recommend giving this a view! After signing up with MZed you can find the courses here. For now we'll be doing our best to stay home from the public and following the CDC guidelines. I hope everyone is able to stay safe out there and whenever you see one thank and essential worker that is out there making the world go round. Best, Jeff

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